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Nowadays, computer knowledge and confident use of computer programs is already normal. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demands on computer literacy have increased even more. Many people have had to switch sharply to remote work and study. Many people lost their jobs due to the financial crisis and have had to learn new skills and professions. Most of them are in one way or another related to the work on the computer, knowledge of the standard package of office programs or other specialized programs.

The standard in the field of office applications for working with different kinds of documents was set by Microsoft with the release of the Windows 95 operating system, which included the Microsoft Office set.

It was the first version of Microsoft Office that became widely used.

Microsoft Office is the undisputed leader in the field of office application packages that Microsoft created for the operating systems Windows, Windows Phone, Android, macOS, iOS. This package includes software for working with different types of documents: texts, spreadsheets, presentation, databases, etc.

Let’s break down in more detail what is now included in the modern Microsoft Office package and what is the value of knowledge and skills to work in these applications.

Microsoft Word is a word processor that is designed to create, view, edit, and format texts for articles, business papers, and other documents. It allows local application of the simplest forms of tabular matrix algorithms. Word lets you create a document of any complexity. If you’ve ever typed text on your computer, there’s a 99% chance you’ve done it in Microsoft Word.

Everyone from a high school student to an investment fund manager uses Word every day. Word has become so popular because it has no competitors.

From a very young age, we are confronted with the need to prepare presentations for school, articles for university, and reports for work. Basic software training around the world starts with learning Microsoft office.

The product is the market leader in word processors, and its formats are used as the de facto standard in the document workflow of most businesses. Microsoft Word 97–2003 binary file format with the “.doc” extension remains the most common.

This is one of the most interesting products. It simplifies a lot of tasks, saves us from having to make unnecessary miscalculations, and of course not everyone knows how to work with it. You can consider that working with Excel is a real art, which is important to have the skills of true professionals.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet processor that is designed to create spreadsheets of any complexity. Excel provides great opportunities for calculations, economic-statistical calculations and analytics, while the graphical tools allow you to present the data obtained visually through various charts and graphs, not to mention multidimensional data such as OLAP cubes. If you’ve worked with budgets, any data that requires calculations or presenting data in a graphical format, 100% you’ve done it in Excel. There’s even some joke that the entire global financial system is powered by Excel. The latest version of Excel uses the Office Open XML format with the “.xlsx” extension, earlier versions used a binary format with the “.xls” extension.

In order to sell any product, proper attention must be paid to its presentation. PowerPoint presentations are taught as early as high school in computer science classes. The most important thing is that in order to create the perfect visual part, you need to work properly in PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation preparation, viewing and editing program that is part of Microsoft Office. The main purpose of a presentation is to present information to the general public with the help of basic talking points, illustrative charts and graphs. PowerPoint has a wide set of built-in styles that make the presentation vivid and dynamic. Materials prepared with PowerPoint presentations are designed to be displayed on a large screen — either through a projector or a large-sized television screen. The versatile use of presentations for work, study, conferences and speaking engagements has made PowerPoint the most widely used presentation creation program in the world. PowerPoint uses the extension “.pptx”, but for a presentation to open correctly on all devices, it is often converted into PDF.

You can use OneNote and OneDrive to organize all your documents and all your most important information. It is very important that users of the entire product family have all the tools they need to work comfortably. You can install the version for your computer or use the web version. Absolutely everything is created for the convenience of users.

Microsoft OneNote is a program for creating quick notes and organizing personal information. It is a notebook with a hierarchical organization of notes and can serve as an analogue of the usual notepad. OneNote supports different types of notes. You can make sketches, outlines and send them by mail both in HTML format and as an attached OneNote file. All your notes are automatically saved, which is very handy when you take notes “on the run”. The program gives you the ability to extend your use with advanced settings such as the WEB Clipper and others. It is convenient to use OneNote for the learning process and learning in general. Take notes and share notes with colleagues, friends, and family. OneNote uses the “.one” extension.

Microsoft OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud file hosting service, available free to all Microsoft account holders. It lets you store and protect files, share them with others, and access them from any device. There is support for Office Online in OneDrive. This allows you to download, create, edit, and share Microsoft Office documents directly in a web browser. Users can create, view and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents right in the browser. The undeniable advantage of the service is the ability to write files by simply dragging and dropping or using the web application. Remote access to a Windows computer is also available. Entire folders can be downloaded in a single archive.

Microsoft Outlook is a great email service. You can use many settings to improve your business. Also, the ability to create meetings in a couple of clicks and the recognizability of the application helps in comfortable collaboration.

Microsoft Outlook is a handy email service that has the additional functions of a calendar, a task scheduler, an address book, and a contact manager. Synchronization with other Microsoft products makes it indispensable for batch use of Microsoft Office. In addition, Outlook has a high degree of data security.

Of course, these are not all Microsoft Office applications, but these are the main ones you will have to work with.

Thanks to the prevalence of the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office, applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint are firmly entrenched in corporate culture, government agencies, education and the home. What was an innovation in the 1990s has become the standard of work. What seemed to be an achievement of progress has become a norm of life. Innovation became part of mass culture. The ability to work with such programs has become a must have for any educated person.

At Innovation Education we recommend everyone to start with mastering Microsoft Office. This is universal knowledge and skills, thanks to which you can quickly and accurately perform your work, quickly demonstrate your general level of training and computer literacy. In the basic Microsoft Office course, we take a detailed look at Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In the advanced course, we explore all Microsoft Office applications and work with cloud storage.

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