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4 min readJan 11, 2022

English is now the most popular business language in the world. And if you want to hold a high position and make important decisions you must know it.

If you speak the language at a high level, you can negotiate more favorable terms of cooperation for yourself and get benefits in the future.

The most important thing in studying and working process — is understanding what you are doing. Let’s be honest, the English language is very very important in information technologies.

“The most popular business languages in the world 2021” (from the Internet)

You must know English if you want:

To have interesting projects

To improve your skills

To earn good money

To work without a translator

To choose with whom you want to work

To understand your team and other colleagues

To travel without any problems

To learn a lot of new information

To lead projects

To be a high-level specialist

For the majority of companies, it is very important to have contracts with specialists who have a high level of English. Because clients are from different countries, but everyone has requirements for contractors.

Nowadays, English is not only for IT, you need English if you want to be professional in Marketing, Sales, to be a good SEO, to understand Business Analysis, and to deeply understand the project.

An IT recruiter uses English when recruiting for a company.

PR manager — works to improve the product and its development process.

Product manager — communicates with customers and conducts product presentations.

Project manager — works with the team and handles communication between clients and the team.

The designer must have a good command of English to understand the client’s needs and implement them.

Especially, you have an attitude or not to the IT industry, you can work in each sphere without any problem.

It will be enough for you to learn 15–20 minutes per day for a good, deep understanding of the main rules and basic words.

There is too much information in English. You can find info in the USA, Canada, and other English-speaking countries.

If you want to receive more knowledge you should read forums and articles where people share their experiences with others.

If you want to work with the unique information you should work with a primary source of information.

Because technologies are getting old very quickly and you should update your knowledge.

For being modern you should know English.

Often there are multinational teams on different projects where English is the only language of communication.

Recently, international conferences, where participants also speak English, have been gaining popularity.

If you decide to create your startup or find a job with an international company, you not only need to know the terminology, you need to know and understand spoken English.

The most important thing is to understand your interlocutor, unfortunately, the interpreter is not always able to convey the essence of the matter. That is why it is so important to know English and professional terminology.

If you want to pass all stages of the interview, we strongly recommend that you prepare for it in English.

Thorough knowledge of the material from the source will help you be confident and not be nervous at any of the stages.

You will probably be given a test assignment to complete, which will be in English.

To maintain a dialogue with your colleagues, you will need to communicate with them in English. You will not have enough professional vocabulary to maintain a quality dialogue, special attention will have to be paid to everyday words. Small conversations over a cup of coffee, going to the movies with colleagues, meetings, will be in English.

At work, especially if you have a senior position, you will need to travel on business trips. It’s not just about presenting your candidacy, it’s about introducing the whole company to potential partners or investors. You will need to have a high level of knowledge to do this.

To hold a high position in the company, you will need to have certifications, complete advanced training, and participate in international conferences, where you can share experiences and improve your knowledge.

Sometimes, companies carry out internal testing of their employees, it can be a test of professional skills and can be a test of English.

In conclusion, I would like to say that no matter what IT field you choose, you will need English everywhere. Starting from the recruiting process to the development and communication with potential clients.

English can change your career and even your life. You will never regret that you know English because it is the knowledge that will help you successfully communicate in the world, as well as make your travels more comfortable.

We are convinced that English is the basis for learning programming. We pay special attention to grammar and vocabulary. We have developed a program to help you learn the essentials without much effort. Our trainers pay special attention to technical terminology, as it is very important for future professionals and job interviews.



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